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Ductoscopy | Benelux

Ductoscopy is a minimally invasive micro-endoscopic technique, which allows for direct visualization of the milk ducts of the breast through their natural orifices in the nipple. It can be performed under local anesthesia in daily routine at the outpatient clinic and has proven to be safe with only a very low risk on (mild) complications.

Nowadays ductoscopy is only used in the diagnostic work-up in patients suffering bloody nipple discharge, usually caused by small intraductal lesions such as papilloma’s.

Semirigid microendoscopy, a unique concept developed by Polydiagnost to advance treatment options in ductoscopy. The modular approach of Polydiagnost endoscopes provides a toolbox enabling users to customize their system by simply selecting the modules specific to their needs. 

The ductoscopy has is 0.55mm in diameter. It has a resolution of 6.000 pixels and is protected in a hull of NiTiNOL.