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BonAlive® product line | Benelux

The new era of bone regeneration

As the science of the 3rd generation biomaterials is further unfolding, a clear shift from traditional bone replacement technologies (osteoconduction) to bone regeneration technologies(osteostimulation*) can be seen. BonAlive® granules and BonAlive® putty are osteostimulative* and come with a range of benefits matched by no other bone graft substitute. In addition,  BonAlive®granules has the unique feature of inhibiting bacterial growth making it an effective tool for bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. BonAlive® plates have been designed for repair of orbital floor trauma. The composition of BonAlive® bioactive glass S53P4 by weight is: SiO253%, Na2O 23%, CaO 20%, P2O5 4%.


BonAlive® granules

BonAlive® granules come with a range of benefits matched by no other bone graft substitute. They are available in three granule sizes to meet the need of the surgical procedure. The small granules are primarily used in hand and cranio-maxillofacial surgery (including the jaw). The medium and large granules are primarily used in orthopaedic, trauma and chronic osteomyelitis surgery.

BonAlive® granules are osteostimulative* which signifies that the BonAlive®granules have the capacity to stimulate the recruitment and differentiation of osteoblasts and activate osteoblasts to produce new bone in a bony cavity. In addition, the granules have a unique bacterial growth inhibiting effect. Due to the excellent clinical performance in indications involving chronic infections BonAlive® granules has received the indication bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. During the 20 years of experience gathered BonAlive® granules have proven to be safe, reliable and effective in bone regeneration applications.



Cranio-maxillofacial (Cranio)

- Bone cavity filling in cranio-maxillofacial area including the jaw

- Frontal sinus obliteration after severe chronic sinusitis or fractures in the frontal bone area

- Mastoid cavity obliteration and nasal cavity narrowing

Orthopaedics (Ortho)

- Bone cavity filling

- Bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis

BonAlive® putty

BonAlive® putty is a sterile ready-to-use bone graft substitute. It can be delivered directly to the bone defect without further mixing or preparation and has been specifically optimised for demanding orthopaedic and trauma surgery. BonAlive® putty is made of osteostimulative* S53P4 bioactive glass granules and a water-soluble synthetic binder. The bioactive glass component of BonAlive®putty consists only of elements naturally existing in the body (Si, Na, Ca, P) and has been in clinical use for more than 20 years. The binder acts as a temporary binding agent for the bioactive glass. After implantation the binder is absorbed leaving behind only the bioactive glass thus permitting tissue infiltration between the granules for bone regeneration.

BonAlive® putty has not been verified to inhibit bacterial growth.


- BonAlive® putty is indicated for bony voids and gaps.