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We offer osteostimulative* technologies that provide an extensive range of benefits for bone regeneration.

Bonalive® granules and Bonalive® putty are highly effective technologies for the filling, reconstruction and regeneration of bone defects. Bonalive® granules also have the unique feature of naturally inhibiting bacterial growth, making it a smarter and more sustainable solution for bone regeneration.

Bonalive® putty is also available as Bonalive® putty MIS – a surgical applicator for allowing the accurate delivery of the putty to challenging voids or gaps in bone.

Bonalive® granules is a unique bone regeneration technology that naturally inhibits bacterial growth and stimulates bone formation.

The granules are a bone cavity filler intended for the resolution of bone infections, and for use in orthopedic, trauma, spine and mastoid surgery.

Bonalive® granules naturally inhibit bacterial growth of up to 50 clinically relevant bacteria strains, providing surgeons with a 1-stage osteostimulative* technology for bone infection treatment. Available in different sizes, the granules are designed to meet the needs of various surgical procedures.

Based on S53P4 bioactive glass, Bonalive® granules consist solely of elements naturally found in the human body. The granules naturally inhibit bacterial growth in both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as Methicillin resistant bacteria, e.g. MRSA or MRSE.**

By supporting and facilitating the reconstruction of anatomical structures in the human body, the S53P4 bioactive glass gradually resorbs over time and is replaced by bone. This process can be post-operatively followed due to the granules radio-dense quality.


- Bone cavity filling
- Bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis
- Mastoid cavity obliteration

Bonalive® putty is a highly moldable, easy-to-apply bone regeneration technology that naturally stimulates bone formation.

Bonalive® putty is an optimized bone graft substitute for orthopedic, trauma and spine surgery. The putty can be delivered directly to the bone defect without mixing or preparation.

A bioactive, osteoconductive and osteostimulative* synthetic bone cavity filler, the putty is delivered as a sterile ready-to-use paste, requiring no mixing, moistening or other preparation. It consists of S53P4 bioactive glass in addition to a synthetic binder, i.e. a blend of polyethylene glycols (PEGs) and glycerol.

The putty’s radiodense quality enables post-operative evaluation, allowing surgeons to follow the healing of their patients. Unlike the granules, Bonalive® putty does not inhibit bacterial growth.

Intended use
Filling, reconstruction and regeneration of bone defects

Indications for use
Bony voids and gaps


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