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Largest Patient Series in History of BonAlive Reported!

Antibacterial Bioactive Glass, S53P4, for Chronic Bone Infections - A Multinational Study.

Lindfors N, Geurts J, Drago L, Arts JJ, Juutilainen V, Hyvönen P, Suda A, Domenico A, Artiaco S, Alizadeh C, Brychcy A, Bialecki J, Romano C.

Advances in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health 2017.


The publication further solidifies the evidence that BonAlive® is a true innovation of our time. Most of the patients had previously undergone numerous procedures, sometimes for decades:

  • 116 patients treated for chronic osteomyelitis with BonAlive® granules
  • 85 percent treated according to a 1-stage procedure without local antibiotics 
  • 90 percent total success rate and most of the patients showed a rapid recovery
  • 11 European centers from 6 countries participated